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The Raindrop Technique®

The Raindrop Technique® is a unique practice based on methods that have been used for centuries to help rejuvenate the body and mind. This incredible technique helps bring feelings of balance and harmony to the body by combining targeted massage and distinctive energy approaches. It involves dropping essential oils like raindrops along the spine, to create an atmosphere of spirituality and serenity. This exclusive essential oil collection includes a mix of seven single oils, each with unique and wonderful benefits to enhance relaxation. The technique involves three elements: Aromatherapy, Vita Flex Technique and Feather Stroking.

The Raindrop Technique Essential Oil Collection includes:

Seven Single Oils:

• Thyme, which enhances relaxation;

• Basil known for being both calming and refreshing;

• Peppermint which provides a renewed feeling of vigour;

• Oregano which is warming and provides comfort;

• Wintergreen with its sweet minty scent and soothing properties;

• Cypress which restores and promotes grounding;

• Marjoram known to promote relaxation.

Two Oil Blends:

• Valor with its uplifting and affirming scent;

• Aroma Siez™ with Lavender and Peppermint has relaxing properties.

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The Raindrop Technique® is a registered trademark of a Young Living practice routine that uses the above listed essential oils that are applied to the body using general massage techniques. The name Raindrop comes from the manner in which the essential oils are applied.

Registered Massage Therapists in Ontario are able to perform any routine using any or the same essential oils at which they see fit as long as it is not addressed as The Raindrop Technique® unless they have been certified by Young Living.

Price: $111.00